June 11, 2016

Our Philosophy

“To satisfy every single guest by providing exceptional dining experience with consistently fresh, innovative, healthy foods and passionate excellent service that exceeds customers ‘expectation.”

Every day are perfect for a lunch or a family dinner at Sorae

Sushi & sake bar

The main dining restaurant located on the 24th floor is equipped with a one of a kind open sushi & sake bar showcasing an extensive fresh market seafood and air flown Japanese seafood. Our chefs display immaculate knife skills preparing ultra-fresh sashimi right in front of our guests.


Yakitori and beer kitchen

Alongside creative sushi, our other major kitchen is the Yakitori & beer kitchen. This more casual space is also an open element of the restaurant where the experienced Japanese chefs prepare our signature yakitori skewers over the char grill wide range of Japanese BBQ items are cooked over the char grill such as wagyu beef, poussin chicken, pork belly, fish and many more…

Our customers love the interactive experience where the chefs serve the customers directly over the counter with the exquisite flavors of BBQ yakitori skewers and ice cold beers.


Private Rooms

For the diners who prefer a little more privacy, Sorae provides private VIP rooms, which are all themed with different identities to narrate Japanese traditions and culture. There are a total 12 private rooms in both 24 & 25 floors at Sorae, ranging from spacious rooms for large groups with stunning views over the city skyline, to intimate spaces for small groups (4 – 30) themed with Japanese art.


Wine Bar

Sorae’s lounge level is a sophisticated nightlife venue with several themed areas, each designed to appeal to a specific customer base but each a stylish and attractive venue in its own right.

As one walks upstairs via the round staircase, they will come to a beautiful long Wine & Cocktail bar, which our talented bar tenders will be preparing beautifully, designed cocktails and also have an extensive and exclusive selection of sake, boutique wines and beverages. Close to the bar there will be a beverage display cabinet, which will support the main bar.


Whisky Bar & Cigar Club

Our whisky bar features over one hundred whiskies from Scotland, Japan, Ireland and the USA. We have created an immersive experience for whisky drinkers where they can share their favourite dram, guided by our expert bartenders who are trained to share their knowledge of the fine spirits on offer. Guests can enjoy whisky by the glass, experiment with a flight of whiskies, or order a bottle to keep in our beautiful whisky storage room. Saigon Cigar Club attracts our most affluent and influential customers and is the venue of choice for entertaining clients, talking business and sealing big deals. Our members are high net-worth individuals who expect (and receive) world-class service.