The Dj’s

June 9, 2016
Passionate about music from a very Young age, Dj Kyto From Paris made his entrance to the Dj world in 1998. As true perfectionist, he decided to undertake Technic courses of DMC DJ School in France, where he later met DJ Hitch in 2001.
They decided to cooperate and teamed up as KH Prod for 9 years. For this period, they were introduced to the best of Paris in terms of DJs (d’jill, Birdy Nam Nam, C2C, Cut Killer, Dj Spidermike…) and they slowly became one of the best technicians of the milieu; Techno Scratch. Dj Kyto From Paris succeed with his own agenda and performed in the best clubs in Paris (“Les Bains Douches”, le “Rex Club”, “l’Acropole”, the “Crazy Apple”, le Divan du Monde”) and big « électro » festivals sush as « Les Nuits Sonores » in Lyon. He also made build his own reputation in fashion field as a music producer in Vietnam Next Top Model, Vietnam Fashion Week, Gucci Fashion Week, and Prada in Hanoi. His experience and technical knowledge of sound in DMC showcase events also impressed other notorious DJs.
DJ Kyto’s success gains respect from colleagues and motivates him to conquer the DJ battle world.