Sorae upgrades its possition with a new menu’s innovation

Classy and creative are the words that describe the newly launched menu by Sorae – one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city.

Four years since its inauguration, Sorae Sushi Sake & Lounge has always been an ideal destination for Saigonese to enjoy the authentic Japanese cuisine. By 2015, Sorae is honored to become one of 23 world’s most stylish restaurants voted by VISI magazine. Following the success of its impressive design, Sorae creates its new dishes that will not only upgrade its position but also take dinners to the wonderful journey through Japanese cuisine.

Being launched on November 6, 2018, new menu of Sorae with the addition of more than 30 dishes represent the essence of Japanese food. The combination of refined materials like wagyu beef tenderloin, lobster, tuna … with various cooking techniques and beautiful decoration promise to capture the hearts of diners as well as awake their taste buds.

The Japanese culinary experience starts with the delicious taste of Lobster with Truffle Cream. To create this great dish, Sorae’s chef must select the best quality lobsters, then mix them with premium truffle cream and their secret seasoning.

Meanwhile, Tuna Tataki brings a phenomenal experience of fresh seafood. The main ingredient called tunas are caught in Uwajima’ s ocean, then transferred to Sorae within 24 hours and cooked by our talented chefs, who skillfully fry the fish outside and re-ripen inside. You will easily feel the softness and moisture in every piece of tuna, conveying the full sweet and pure from the deep blue sea.

When enjoying Tuna Taki, you can easily feel the freshness and juiciness of fresh seafood

Sorae’s new menu also includes dishes from Tacos, which look familiar yet tasted differently due to the combination from fresh sashimi, Wagyu beef and premium seafood. Especially, if you are a Foie Gras’s lover, Truffle Foie Gras Gyoza will definitely be the perfect choice for you. All the tasty treats are more memorable if you enjoy it with Sorae’s cocktails and wines from the famous brands in a luxurious ambiance, resonates the Land of Cherry Blossoms’culture.

Truffle Foie Gras Gyoza is a delicate blend of fatty goose liver and delicious truffle mushrooms.

All the tasty treats are more memorable when enjoying in luxurious, cozy ambiance

With all the passion and enthusiasm to reach the pinnacle of culinary, Sorae has transformed every new dish in its new menu into a work of art. These dishes not only have a gorgeous decoration but also have a scrumptious taste, bring the unforgettable experience to the gourmets.

The end of the year is a quite busy period for everyone, but the need for a gathering is never fade. Therefore, Sorae hopes to take you to the journey through Japanese cuisine – which will make your year-end moments become remarkable.

Sorae Sushi Sake & Lounge

Address: Floor 24-25 AB Building, 76A Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Website: https://www.soraesushi.com/

Reservations: (028) 38 272 372 – 093 868 7689

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