Special Monthly set lunch only from 180,000 VND++

Being created from premium ingredients such as eel, fish, shrimp… with a breakthrough in culinary style, 04 New monthly set lunch will bring an unforgettable impression to you, only from 180,000 VND++!

👉Unagi no yanagawafu: Eel, mushroom, spring onion, egg sweet soy sauce

👉Sakana hambagu: Fish ball, tomato butter wine sauce, egg

👉Spicy tonkotsu udon: Udon noodles, Spicy chicken broth, vegetables

👉Sorae’s lunch bento: Sorae style sashimi, Eel & cucumber sushi rice, Bacon & sweet potato tempura

Let’s come and experience these essences of Japanese Cuisine from 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM every day!

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