SORAE – “Little Tokyo” in Ho Chi Minh City

In Japanese, ‘Sora’ means sky, ‘E’ means orientation, and ‘SORAE’ literally implicits towards the sky. As an eloquent affirmation, SORAE comes back and declares itself a gem up in the sky.

Tucked away on Level 51 of Bitexco Financial Tower — Saigon’s most iconic building, and also on the same floor with Vietnam’s most unorthodox helipad with a grandeur setting and a billion-dollar view beholding the entire city center from a height of 200 meters above the ground. Filling every nook and cranny with opulence, gracefulness, sophistication, and intimacy, SORAE is back and ready to conquer even the most discerning and conscientious epicure.

The opening Sushi & Sake corner

The only Sushi & Sake bar exhibits well-known Sake collections and imported fresh seafood from Japan. Here at the corner, diners are able to contemplate the stunning Sashimi preparation of our chefs.

A step from Sushi Bar, Yakitori & Beer

A step from Sushi Bar, Yakitori & Beer is also one of our spotlights. Diners can both savor distinctive Yakitori skewer meat and regard master Japanese chefs, who are skilfully grilling Wagyu beef, bacon, fish, etc.

The luxurious private dining room system

At night or on special occasions, Sorae exclusively offers VIP private dining rooms for diners. Each one is orientated toward a divergent theme, conveying the diversified experience. Diners, as a result, fathom out more about Japanese culture and traditions. At Sorae, we offer total of 14 rooms with respectively distinctive themes: Ryotei, Bonsai, Sakura, Ginza, Fujiyama, Zen, Geisha, Niwa, Yozora, Misora, Hinata, Hoshi, Shinju, Koi.